BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Kids

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BackJoy SitSmart for kids helps avoid improper posture by making sitting right, fun. Small and mobile, you can use it at home, in school, in the car and almost anywhere. For ages 5 +. It can bear the weight of 16-30kg.


1. Tilts the pelvis to the correct posture.

2. Cups muscles to relieve pressure and pain.

3. Floats you in comfort above the seat like a shock absorber for your spine.


Benefits of good posture:

  • Better Focus & Concentration
  • Better Breathing & Circulation
  • More Energy & Increased Alertness
  • Improve Balance & Coordination
Warning: Keep out of the heat and prolonged sun exposure

We are the authorized reseller of BackJoy in Malaysia.

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SitSmart Kids: FOR AGE 5+ (16-30kgs)


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