IYS Comfort Insole for Arch Support and Relief Foot Fatigue

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  • Low arch insole for over-pronation
  • Proper foot alignment
  • Better pressure distribution
  • Medium shock absorption
  • Maximum support         


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Standing for long hours and walking for long distance will result in tired and sore legs. iYs ergonomic insole is designed with good arch support, forefoot massage particles, and egg shaped heel cushion to provide better blood circulation and comfort that will relieve foot fatigue throughout the day.iYs uses the latest technology to develop the insole materials which are breathable, quick dry, wear resistant, and super comfort cushioning, thus reducing the pressure on the heel and knee.Size: It is recommended to align with the existing insole and cut the iYs insole to the same size.Composition: polyurethane 60%, vinyl ester 10%, thermoplastic polyurethane 30%, wear-resistant mesh cotton 100%
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