KURAU Embryo Germinating Rice (3kg)

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  • 100% natural
  • No herbicides
  • No pesticides
  • Rich in protein
  • Softer texture than brown rice
  • More vitamins than white rice
  • Suitable for those who can’t digest easily
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Freshly selected germinating rice

As we all know, the nutrition of brown rice is much richer than that of white rice. However, brown rice is not easy to digest because it contains more layers of glutinous rice, and the taste of brown rice is worse than that of white rice, which leads most people to eat white rice.

Haixingmi has upgraded its grinding technology and introduced high-tech machines to develop fresh germ rice. The germ rice can retain the golden powder ratio of the aleurone layer, and can also retain a high proportion of rice germ.

In particular, rice germ is the essence of rice grains, accounting for about 66% of the whole rice grain. Therefore, Haixing rice retains the characteristics of brown rice and the taste of white rice, so that you can eat white when eating.

In addition to the deliciousness of rice, it is more important to eat real nutrition! The old name of Gua La Gu Lou Hai Xing Mi pays more attention to the freshness of germ rice and the quality of germ rice, so it pays great attention to the process of conscience farmers, rice merchants, rice storage methods and glutinous rice. Therefore, if you pay attention to health care, you must name the germ rice bran of Haixingmi!

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