Sunmate Adult Tape Diapers (8 pkts / carton)

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  • Cloth-like cover that promotes airflow 
  • Keeps the skin dry & prevents irritation
  • Comfortable
  • Advanced anti-bacterial & anti-odor SAP locks fluid in the core
  • Soft-touch topsheet, PE back sheet
  • Double refastening tapes provide extra protection in every movement
  • Standing leak-guards, prevent side leakage
  • Wetness indicators indicates time for diaper change
  • Best for bed-ridden patients

**1 carton: 8 packets; 10 pieces per packet

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Waist Measurements:

  • M/L size: 75-110cm
  • L/XL size: 100-140cm.


Cloth-like cover that promotes aiflow: Promotes maximum air circulation, releases moisture and prevents heat build-up for outstanding dryness and hygiene

Advanced anti-bacterial & anti-odour SAP: Prevents skin rashes and irritation, reduces bad smell for ultimate skin health and user-friendly

Soft-touch topsheet: Enhances fluid dispersion & absorbency for a quick-dry surface

Double refastenable tapes: For flexible adjusting to ensure a secure fit

Standing leak-guard: Fits body shape,Prevents side-leakage for total protection 

Wetness indicators: Indicates the appropriate time for a diaper change

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