Hydra Soothing Moisturising Mask

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Hydra Soothing Moisturising Mask
  • Facial cleaning is just the tip of an iceberg for skin care.
  • Beauty is truly from within, aqua hydra moisture skin mask replenishes the skin from within with moisture, and rejuvenated it all day long!
  • Unlike Europe, most countries in Asia will always have an all summer weather. Actively replenishing skin with moisture will tighten your pores and make skin radiant.
  • Specially formulated with precious seaweed essence extraction to intensely hydrate and lock in moisture across skin layers,
  • Aqua hydra skin mask gives you prestige skin care to achieve a flawless, moisturized skin.
  • We can't help but spill the secret to porcelain skin. Are you up for a dewy, luminous and almost translucent skin? We bet you are!
  • 30ml/piece
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