Apex Ripple Mattress

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Domus 2 (Tubular)


  • For ulcer prevention or treatment of pressure ulcers up to Stage 2
  • Easy to use adjustment settings
  • Easy to clean zip cover to reduce fluid ingress
  • Hangers suitable for most bed types.
  • Ventilated low-air-loss for patient comfort
  • Heavy duty endurance fabric base sheet
  • Low flame retardant level
  • Alternating Pressure Redistribution System for comfort and ventilation
  • Water resistant Nylon/PU cover
  • CPR quick release tab - flattens mattress in 15 seconds
  • Maximum tube height: 4"

Note: Supports body weight not exceeding 140kg

Warranty: 12 months (Motor only)

*T&C Apply. 

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Apex Ripple Mattress - Apex Domus 2 (Tubular)

Domus 2 is a valuable overlay system designed for the prevention and treatment of patients at low to the medium of pressure ulcers. By having a series of individual cells risk inflate and deflate alternatively over a ten-minute cycle, the pressure is periodically redistributed by inflating and deflating cells in order to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and avoid long term pressurization of tissue.

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