Kangzhu Cupping Kit

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C1 x 14


  • Relieves aching muscles
  • Invigorates blood circulation
  • Dissipates blood stasis
  • Reduces swelling
  • Durable suction cups
  • Stays on skin until air pressure is released
  • Comes with an extended pump. Able to self treat any part of the body
  • 14 cups available (two cups have curved openings to fit over joints)
  • Cup material: aircraft glass polycarbonate (more durable)
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The negative pressure which is formed in vacuum cups stimulates the yu point at local superficial layers, invigorate the circulation of blood and dissipate blood stasis, reduce swelling and ease pain, expell coldness and remove wetness evil, draw out pus, let out abscesses and improve health.

Vacuum gun: air tightness. The vacuum gauge shows a value of no less than 0.06MPa on a consecutive full course of 10 times.

Vacuum cup : Airtight under normal conditions. The vacuum cup will not spontaneously drop off within 20 minutes.

Vacuum cup durability : Even after sucking for 30 minutes continuously, the vacuum cup will not crack or be distorted.


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