SOHO Orthopaedic Back Support (WR-901)

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Soho Back: Orthopaedics back (WR-901)

  • The Soho Back Support is lightweight, portable and provides dynamic support for the spine and surrounding joints.
  • Specifically designed to prevent back problems and relieve back pain.
  • Helps relieve backpain.
  • Flexible and adjustable. Corrects poor sitting position.
  • Contours to your spine.
  • Unique air ventilation design.
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Suitable for drivers, desk-bound people, pregnant women and back pain suffers.

Initiative Spring Design: Encourages a forward positioning of the hips, which is great for reducing pressure on the back of the thighs. We choose the best materials for you to help you stay pain-free!

The two flexible pads adjust to the contours of the back, flex inwards with back movements to effectively reducing pressure on the back. Providing consistent support for your back while encouraging movement

The twin pads keep the spine free of stress and share the pressure of the back, adjust and contours to the shape of your spine.

Thanks to the great ventilation with airing ports on each blade to avoid over-heating and sweat, soho back support keeps you cool & your back dry

You need a products that works! Soho Back provides optimal support so the pressures placed on the spinal disc and joint pains are reduced and muscle fatigue decreases, say goodbye to miserable back pain

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