Eco-friendly Mosquito Trap

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Mosclean IS1: Standard

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  • Mosclean originates from Korea.
  • The company is the global second largest manufacturer for LED semiconductor, chips, UV LED and etc.
  • They are also one of the iPhone screen backlit LED supplier.
  • With the technology of vioLEDs, Mosclean is the World's Most Effective UV LED
  • Mosquito Trap.
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The eco-friendly mosquito trap lures and traps mosquitoes by emitting an optimized UV LED light known to lure mosquitoes most efficiently, using violeds technology. It performs up to 13 times more effectively than existing mercury lamp insect traps in trapping of Aedes aegypti, which is known to spread the Zika virus. (Based on the test by the insect research center, Florida State University, U.S.)

Product Name: MOSCLEAN IS1
Mode of action: Dehydration
Size: 200(
) mm x 232 (H) mm
Color: Black, White
Weight: 359g
Attractant source: Optimized LEDs+ CO2
Noise: 28.3dBA (Typical)
Power consumption: 4W (Max)
Power: DC 12V adaptor, 100 – 240V
Installation: Hanging hole / Stand top

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