ETAC Commode Chair

Product Code:

Swift (8170 2030)

Product Features:

  • Suitable for persons who require a toilet near the bed
  • 3-in-1 (commode, shower chair, freestanding toilet seat)
  • Height adjustable
  • Detachable padding for seat and backrest
  • Detachable arms
  • Pan with lid and handle
  • Non-mobile
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Non corroding
  • Material:
    • Seat, back and arm supports: Polypropylene
    • Legs: Aluminium & polyamide
    • Ferrules: TPE
    • Back and seat pads: Polythylene with nylon fabric
  • Dimensions:
    • Total width: 22"
    • Seat width: 21.3"
    • Seat height: 15.6"-22.4"
    • Weight: 5.4kg
  • Maximum user weight: 130kg
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The ETAC Swift Commode is a three in one product with many smart functions. ETAC Swift Commode is comfortable and discreet in the bedroom. The seat pad conceals a removeable pan with a secure lid that locks automatically when lifted. Swift Commode can be set with a slight anterior tilt to faciliate standing up. The soft seat and back support paddings come as standard.

3 in 1: Swift Commode can also be used as a shower chair or as a freestanding toilet seat raiser. The soft ferrules give an excellent grip on all surfaces.

Easy Cleaning: Swift Commode is designed with easy cleaning in mind. It has smooth surfaces, easy detachable padding and is non corroding. Important features that simplify cleaning. Swift Commode comes flat packed and is easy to assemble and height adjust, without using tools.

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