Sweden Etac Light Dessert Spoon with Thin Handle 8040 1007

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8040 1007


  • Comfortable grip between fingers
  • Long handles - cutlery does not need to be lifted as high as with short handles
  • Narrow, thin handle - great for functional grip when muscle strength is restricted
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The Etac light dessert spoon with a thin handle is part of the Etac light cutlery collection which is specifically designed for users with reduced hand and arm mobility. The thin handle allows those who have seriously reduced muscle function to grip the dessert spoon comfortably between their fingers so that eating is less of a struggle. Along with this, it features a longer handle (20cm) so that the dessert spoon doesn't need to be lifted as high. It is ideal for those who have joint mobility issues.

Length : 20cm Weight : 26g Material : Galvanised wire (Hook), Polystyrene (Handle)

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