Sweden Etac Light Knife / Fork (Left Handed) 8040 3003

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8040 3003: Left handed


  • Knife/fork combination
  • Left hand use
  • The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip while using it as a fork or knife
  • Helps people with reduced hand and arm mobility
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The Etac light knife/fork combination for the left hand is part of the Etac light cutlery collection which is specifically designed for users with reduced hand and arm mobility. The combination cutlery is perfect for users who are only capable/wish to use one hand. The handles have a unique shape; one side is curved and the opposite is flat so that a firm grip can be established, especially whilst using the knife edge.

Length : 18cm Weight : 25g Material : Stainless Steel (Utensil parts), ABS plastic (Handle)

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