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Use code, HomecareShop20, and receive RM20 OFF your first purchase (Must subscribe, register and login; Min spend RM200)! T&Cs apply ❤

LIFEPLUS Rotating Seat Cushion (FC150026)

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LIFEPLUS Rotating Seat Cushion

LIFEPLUS Rotating Seat Cushion is a transfer aid that helps to turn a person with mobility restriction/ difficulty from one position to another without pain or transfer a person from one place to another effortlessly without injuring both the user and the caregiver.






High-density Foam


  • 360° seamless rotation- experience a smooth and convenient turn simply by sitting on the cushion
  • Non-skid base- keeps the cushion securely in place, providing stability and safety during use
  • Soft and comfortable padding- helps distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points
  • Portable design- lightweight and compact, easy to transport from one chair or car to another
  • Premium, durable materials- wear-resistant for long-lasting use


Enjoy trouble-free transfer, entrance, and exit for your loved ones

Ideal for multiple occasions such as:

Bed, car seat, dining chair, sofa, wheelchair with detachable armrest


  • Users with difficulties turning in and out of sitting positions due to injury, illness, or disability
  • Users with restricted mobility with difficulty turning or twisting
  • Users with conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis & osteoarthritis
  • Long-term bedridden patients
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly
  • An ideal gift for anyone who appreciates on-the-go mobility


For User

  • Reduces friction and the risk of falls or accidents by allowing for a controlled, smooth rotation when entering or exiting a seat, bed, or car
  • Helps user to get up and down a seat without pain
  • Allows the user to turn and reach for items with reduced risk of injury (strain to back, hips, or knees)
  • Helps distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and discomfort while seated
  • Assists in performing daily activities with greater ease and independence
  • Increased safety during transfer with the non-skid base of the cushion

We care about the caregiver as much as the patient.

Here's how LIFEPLUS Rotating Cushion eases your caregiving routine:

  • Provides smooth and safe patient transfer instantly
  • Reduces chances of strain and injuries on the caregiver
  • Caretaking is now safer and less physically demanding with the assistance of the cushion!


  • Hand wash (max washing temperature 60°C)
  • Tumble dry at low temperature.
  • Do not iron, press, dry-clean or bleach.


  • Make sure the cushion is properly positioned on the bed, chair, or seat, with the non-skid base firmly in place.
  • Ensure that the chair or seat itself is stable and won't tip or move during use.

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