Lifeplus Pedometer 3D Motion Sensor Simple Steps Counter

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  • Large display
  • Accurate step count by Digital Motion Sensor
  • Track steps, Distance & calculate calories burned accurately
  • Exercise Timer alarm
  • 7days/30days total workout memory
  • Time display
  • Support 12/24 hours Display Format
  • Simple Step Counting Function
  • Multiple wearing oprions: Clip or place in pocket
  • No charging required. Low power consumption, up to 12 months battery life
  • No bluetooth, download or smartphone connection
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You can clearly and easily read the numbers at a glance with large screen digit display

This pedometer have 6 operational modes & are in this sequence to help you attain fitness goal with systematic calculation:

i) Step mode: Display number of steps taken

ii) Distance mode: Display distance travelled

iii) Calories mode:Display Calories Consumed

iv) Exercise Time Mode: Display total exercise time you did

v) Daily Memory Mode: Can browse your past 7 days walking workout

vi) Total Memory Mode: Can browse your total walking workout since last data reset

Recommended number of steps we need to do per day:

To keep your heart healthy & reduced chronic disease risk, we recommended you to do 10,000 steps a day. For an effective weight loss, this should be between 12,000 & 15,000 steps. If you want to have high level of fitness, you should make at least 3000 or more steady steps per day.

* Please note that above recommendation can be used as reference only, fitness capacity may varies among individuals & may need professional medical advice.

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