Mobees Multi-Function Quad Cane : FST812C

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MOBEES Multi-Function Quad Cane FST812C
Revolutionizing the Quad Cane Experience: Enhanced functionality, safety, and comfort!

Cane body: aluminum alloy
Handle: nylon + glass fiber


  • Double armrests design- not just a cane but an aid that supports you when getting up from a seat independently
  • Lightweight, durable- sturdy yet light aluminum for great support up to 180kg of user weight
  • Compact and portable design- supports you anywhere you need to go
  • Comfortable auxiliary grip with 360° rotation- more grab possibilities in any direction, helps reduce pressure on the back and legs for a more stable navigation
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle- comfortable to hold and is very useful for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or joint pain that need extra cushioning
  • 4-legged wide base- provides unrivaled stability
  • Built-in LED light- guides you safely in dim light (Battery not included)
  • 10-level height adjustable- suitable for people of different heights from 150~190cm
  • Can be used for both the left and right side
  • Non-slip, wear-resistant tips- for added safety and fall prevention


  • Walking or strolling indoors or outdoor
  • Standing up from bed, chair, toilet
  • Getting in and out of the car
  • Getting up and down stairs

Home, park, outdoor walk, shopping mall, market, nursing home, hospital, rehab center

Elderly, pregnant women, people with limited mobility, support, and rehab after surgery

Wipe with a damp cloth, then gently wipe with a dry cloth.


  • Due to variations in venue, lighting conditions, and photographic equipment, slight differences in color may occur. These differences do not indicate a quality issue.
  • Please allow 0.5-2cm differences due to manual measurement.
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