OPPO Motion Control Knee Splint 4139-20" Soft Orthopedic Support

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OppO Motion Control Knee 4139

Product Features:

  • Provides stability to an injured or unstable knee by allowing normal joint motion with proper settings or stops within a selected range.
  • Semi-rigid frame and strong straps prevent rotation and brace migration.
  • May be molded for a customized fit.
  • Provides immobilization in an extended position.
    Designed for the functional management of ACL/PCL instability.
    Rigid plastic supports offer greater stability and increase patient activity.
  • Suitable for use following early cast removal, post-operative rehabilitation, or whenever a combination of motion control and knee immobilization is indicated.
  • Available in two lengths: 18" (45.7cm) and 20" (50.8cm)

How to Wear:

  • Apply foam wraps to leg and wrap around the leg while in prone position
  • Adjust the foam wraps and fasten the hook and loop closure
  • Be sure thigh wrap must be positioned 2" (5cm) above the patella (knee) and the wrap must be positioned directly beneath the patella
  • Please follow the doctor's instruction and set hinges from 0 to 120 degrees flexible and 0 to 75 degrees extension in 7.5 degree increments
  • Apply the circular knee pad to the back of the hinge
  • The hinge forms the uprights to fit the curves of the leg
  • Position and press the lateral side bar assembly onto the cuffs along the middle of the leg, centering the hinge pivot axes, slightly above the knee joint line
  • Repeat for the medial side bar assembly
  • Thread through the buckles and fasten all straps, hook and loop closure for security


  • Post-surgical use
  • Collateral ligament injury
  • Cruciate ligament injury
  • Knee instability


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Product Features:

  • Extra pad provides compression on target area.
    Non-slip backing keeps wrap from sliding out of position.
  • Great for use after an injury or to help prevent injuries.
  • Reduces vibrations in the femoral groove.



How to wear:

  • Position the pad below the patella.

  • Fasten hook and loop closure strap securely.



  • Patellar tendinitis
  • Osgood-Schlatter syndrome

ONE SIZE 31.8 - 40.6cm (12 1/2 -16")



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