TTM Mask Super Fibre Enlightening + Radiant Brightening Black Mask (5pcs/ 1box)

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TT Mask Super Fibre Enlightening

Solution for dull skin

Its advanced high-density fabric with ultra-long fiber is ultra absorbent, ultra effective in penetration, and ultra well-fitted to the contour of the face, which instantly paves way for perfect skin.

Mushroom mycelia extract helps fortify the skin’s defences. Together with α-Arbutin and Vitamin B3, the formula can brighten skin tone and reduce skin dullness, giving skin a perfect soft matte glow.


Pave Way for Perfect Skin

Exclusive from Japan
The advanced non-porous continuous filament material.

Compared to Black Charcoal Masks that weigh 1.5x more, Super Fiber demonstrates 1.2x better moisture retention capacity. This is a prove that there is no need to make a choice. Lightweight, transparency, and high serum infusion, Super Fiber got them all.

Super Fiber Masks feature:
• Ultra fine fibers - Enhanced texture
• Low porosity - Conforms closely to skin and clings tightly to skin
• Better occlusion effect - Demonstrates advanced infusion capability that outperforms other continuous filaments and ordinary filaments.
• Lasts longer - Features a lightweight and thin transparent breathable texture, yet also demonstrates an excellent moisture retention so the serum evaporates slower.
• TTM exclusive - An exclusive experience of Advanced Fiber Technology with TTM.

TT Mask Radiant Brightening Black Mask

[ Radiant Brightening + Whitening ]

  • Formulated with Bincho charcoal to enhance metabolism and absorption.
  • Proof of Bincho charcoal added. Effective sebum absorption.
  • Exclusively thicker sheet mask is saturated with hydrating serum for optimum moisturization.

Radiant Brightening Black Charcoal Mask 30ml

This refreshing mask is infused with a formula which contains multiple active ingredients, one of which is Ferulic Acid which actively targets melanin and effectively brightens the skin. Pre-biotic hydrolysed yeast extract also boosts the skin metabolism, giving the complexion a brighter, radiant, and more youthful look. 

Ren Recommends 

Got pigmentation issues? This is the mask for you. Use up to twice a week in combination with your anti-pigmentation skincare regime and always apply a good quality SPF 50 sunscreen if you use this mask during the day and plan on going out-doors in direct sun. 

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