Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator

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Flow range::0.5~3L/min Oxygen concentration:93%±3% Out put pressure: 20~50kPa Power supply: AC220V±22V Input power: 320VA N.W.: 15.5kg Sound level: 45-46dB(A) Size: 50*21*64cm
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Parameters Apply zeolite molecular sieve as shift , adopt advanced physical theory(PSA) to separate oxygen and nitrogen from air ,at the same time filter the bad substance in air ,so as to get pure oxygen for medical use. With electrified testing line first in Asia and silence testing line first in China, the quality of our products can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. Moreover, the annual capacity for various types of Oxygen Concentrator is more than 0.2 million sets while monthly capacity 20,000 sets, and this will enable your demands to be completely satisfied.

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