Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator

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Yuwell oxygen c oncentrator takes air in and purifies it for use by individuals who require medical oxygen because of low levels of oxygen in their blood. the oxygen concentrators today are compact, small, quiet and comes with roller for easy transport, but still provide the utmost compliance and high performance. 
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Feature sieve bed filter as crucial device that removes the nitrogen from the air, provide user with concentrated stream of pure oxygen

Oxygen concentrator Is a safer & convenient solution compare to liquid or pressurized oxygen, used widely for oxygen provision to both hospital & homecaring user

Uses US imported Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to quickly collect oxygen & other free components while desorb nitrogen level Combination of oxygen uptake & atomization function to offer user clean & fresh air

Operation noise level is less than 46db, gives you reduced noise experience while its work seemlessly

User-preferred neutral color design can blend into any home environment harmoniously, delivered in aestatic & peaceful way

Comes with 4 powerful smart alarm fuction

-Low oxygen concentrator alarm

-Pressure cycle failure alarm

-Compressor failure alarm

-Power outage alarm

Self detection fault design ensure user caring experience is on optimum level, avoid medical overlook consequences

With just about the size of a small cupboard : 50*21*64cm together with universal wheel, makes location transfer easier according to user's needs

Technical Specifications:

  • Flow range::0.5~3L/min
  • Oxygen concentration:93%±3%
  • Out put pressure: 20~50kPa
  • Power supply: AC220V±22V
  • Input power: 320VA
  • Net weight.: 15.5kg
  • Sound level: 45-46dB(A) 
  • Size: 50*21*64cm

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