MOBEES Walking Frame KY919L (2 in 1)

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Height adjustable
- allows for personalized adjustments to achieve a comfortable and supportive walking posture


1-click quick folding mechanism
- easy and convenient folding for easy storage and transportation
- even users with weak arm strength can operate by themselves


2 walking modes to cater to personal needs
- Fixed (for users with stronger arms):
Hold onto both handgrips to lift the walking frame slightly off the ground, take a step forward and place the frame on the ground.

- Alternate mobile (reciprocal) (for users with weaker arms):
Hold onto the handgrips and take small steps by moving one side of your body forward first and then the other, without lifting the walking frame off the ground.

Lightweight, sturdy, and reliable frame
- provides maximized stability and comfort

Extra wide base with 4 points of contact
- ensures superior stability to prevent falls while walking

Non-slip foot pads

- provide great support and safety on any surface

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