BackJoy Massage Balls Adjustable Self-Massage Roller

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  • Convenient, lightweight, portable, and effective
  • 3 adjustable widths- for customizable therapy
  • Textured spiral surface- stimulates blood and oxygen flow for total muscle relief
  • Appropriate size- suitable for small and large groups of muscles
  • Anatomical design- fits the body’s natural curves for an effective massage experience
  • Connected design- for stability during use
  • End knob to target specific areas


  • Massages and relieves tight muscles and aches in various parts of the body e.g. the back, neck, legs, and feet
  • Deep tissue/muscle massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Relieves stress and stiffness in the body, neck, and back

Directions of Use

  1. Find a tense or knotted muscle area on your body.
  2. Adjust the massage balls for a custom fit.
  3. Gently roll the balls along the area of tension for 30 seconds, then rest. You may also lie on the floor with the massager at the bottom of your back to massage your spine/ back area.
  4. You may also pull the balls completely apart to reveal the green acupressure knob inside, which can then be used to apply direct pressure to an area of tension or remove the ball for individual use.


Keep out of the heat and prolonged sun exposure.

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