Airnet Non Thermal Plasma O2 Filter

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Airnet Non Thermal Plasma O2 Filter

-95% Particle reduction: Reduce house dust, pollen & cigarette smoke; Helps allergy, asthma & other respiratory tract disease sufferers

-98% Odour Neutralisation: Remove organic smells, cigarette smoke, oil & grease smells from kitchens, dining halls, pantry, toilets & others

-90% more germ sterilisation: Reduce aerobic bacterias, mould & fungus; Longer shelf life of foods

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Eliminate odours in enclosed areas in homesKitchens, toilets, cupboards, pantry, laundry, rooms for the infirmed, confined areas for pets or garbage
Eliminate unpleasant odours in air-conditioned areasSupermarkets( esp Fish & Meat section), hair salons, pet stores, pubs, restaurants, entertainment outlets
Reduce risks of bacterial or viral infections in indoor places especially amongst high risk groupsMedical clinics, hospitals, child & aged care facilities, hotels, lifts, lobby & waiting areas
Reduce risks of food poisoning Places where food & drinks are handled or sold
Neutralise toxic fumes such as car exhaust & household cleaning agentsTolls booths, underground carparks, laundry
Reduce air-borne dust & irritants (helps alleviate asthma symptoms)Inner city dwellings & offices
Control mold & fungus growthAreas where there is damp & poor ventilation eg. bathrooms, closets & basements
Eliminate sick-building syndrome by freshening stale air with negative ionsAny enclosed space & areas where there is a lot of electronic equipment eg computer rooms, home theatre/karaoke rooms
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