Airnet® 2000 Air Steriliser

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- Non-Thermal Plasma Technology (NTP)
- Small, compact and silent
- Designed for 24-hour operation
- Low energy consumption
- Maintenance-free (No refill of chemicals or change of filter needed)
- No moving parts

- Kills germs (bacteria, viruses and fungi)
- Neutralises odours, toxic gases, fume and cigarette smoke
- Cleans mould, house dust, pollens
- Freshens air with negative ions

- Eliminates unpleasant odours in enclosed areas at home: Kitchens, toilets, cupboards, pantry, laundry, rooms for the infirmed, confined areas for pets or garbage
- Eliminates unpleasant odours in air-conditioned areas: Supermarkets (especially fish and meat section), hair salons, pet stores, pubs, restaurants, entertainment outlets
- Reduces risk of bacterial or viral infections in indoor places, especially amongst high-risk groups: Medical clinics, hospitals, child and elderly care facilities, hotels, lifts, lobby and waiting areas
- Reduces risk of food poisoning: Places where food and drinks are handled or sold
- Neutralises toxic fumes such as car exhaust and household cleaning agents: Toll booths, underground carparks, and laundry
- Reduces airborne dust and irritants (helps alleviate asthma symptoms): Inner city dwellings and offices
- Controls mould and fungus growth: Damp areas with poor ventilation e.g. bathrooms, closets and basements
- Eliminates sick-building syndrome by freshening stale air with negative ions: Any enclosed space and areas where there is a lot of electronic equipment e.g. computer rooms, home theatre/ karaoke rooms

- German Patent No: 102 54 135.3 (Issued on 6/9/2004)
- Malaysia Patent MyIPO: MY-134387-A (Granted on 12/31/2007)

Certification of Safety and Quality
- GS Mark – Geprüfte Sicherheit (Tested Safety) (TUV)
- SIRIM QAS International

Technical Specifications
Dimension: 105mmx105mmx120mm
Weight: 470g
Input voltage: 110v- 240v AC, 50Hz
Power consumption: 8 Watts
Ions Emission: >3 million ions/ second
Ozone Emission: <0.05 ppm
Coverage area: 60m²/ 645.83ft²

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