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B-LIFE 3 Functions Electric Hospital Bed BL-BH61 with food tray (MDA Reg: GA2265822-102209)




Overall length: 2130mm

Overall width: 1010mm

Overall bed height: 320mm- 670mm

Adjustable backrest: 0-85°

Adjustable knee-gatch: 0-40°

I.V. pole holes: 4  

Safety load: 180kg

Castors: 4" lockable castors with cover

Side rails: ¾ length collapsible aluminum side rails

Raised: 1490mmx407cm

Collapsed: 1775mmx135mm

Mattress platform: 1920mm x 840mm


3 Functions

adjusting the position of the head, leg, and overall bed height


  1. Head elevation (raising/ lowering head and back)

allows the patient to sit up, recline

helpful for eating, reading, watching tv

  1. Leg elevation (raising/ lowering leg)

raises the lower part of the bed, often with the knee slightly bent

aids in relieving pressure on the lower back and improving circulation

  1. Overall bed height adjustment

raises or lowers the entire bed

helpful for transferring or caregiving tasks by a caregiver, reducing the burden and preventing injuries to the caregiver

allows users to leave bed easily and safely with good posture


Bed frame & mattress platform: Steel

Side rail: Aluminum

Head and footboard: PP


CPR function

enables the bed to be lowered down to the original flat position during an emergency (head, leg, and height will be adjusted to a flat position all at once)

Ideal height from the ground

allows patients to easily reach the ground without their legs hanging in mid-air, ensuring convenient and safe bed exit and minimizing the risk of injury from potential falls

Anti-entrapment technology

prevents the bed ( head and knee parts) from lowering if a foreign object is detected underneath, even when the remote control is pressed

Sensory lock

locks all buttons at once (except the CPR button) to prevent unintended adjustments of the bed through accidental touches that could potentially lead to injury

ideal for caregivers to help ensure patient safety

Collapsible aluminum side rail

When raised:

- prevents patients from accidentally falling out of bed

- allows patients to hold onto it when repositioning, sitting up, or getting in and out of bed for support, making these movements safer and more manageable.

- allows the caregiver to use as handle/ support to assist in moving and repositioning patients, hence reducing the strain on caregivers and minimizing the risk of injury to both patients and caregivers

When collapsed:

- provides the necessary space and positioning to perform medical procedures/ care routine/ transfer effectively

Detachable head and footboards

- can be removed quickly for emergency/ patient transfer/ medical procedures/ care routine when needed

Mattress stopper

- prevents the mattress from sliding or shifting out of place

Medical grade mattress

- met requirements for patient safety, performance, and hygiene

- allows for longer use as it has better pressure distribution and other functions

- longer product life

- made with antimicrobial or waterproof materials that help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections



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