BackJoy Posture Care Travel Pillow

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The ideal travel companion for the modern nomad

Ergonomically designed contours hold the chin up and support the head, keeping your neck upright and relaxed so you can sleep uninterrupted for hours and arrive charged and refreshed!



-Cool gel

-High-density memory foam


-Pressure-reducing memory foam

-Naturally contours to neck curves to provide good cervical support and help relieve neck pain

360° ergonomic neck support with an asymmetrical design

-Engineered for the cervical spine, shoulder, and chin contour curves.

-Lateral cushioning for sleep comfort.

Customized snug fit for each individual

-High-density memory foam provides support without uncomfortable pressure points.

Cool comfort with smooth cooling fabric and special cooling gel

-Intelligently placed air vents prevent heat build-up with prolonged use.

Easy cleaning and care

-Easily removable and machine washable cover is soft and breathable, perfect for frequent travelers.

Adjustable clip-on buckle

-Effortlessly adapt to various body sizes and comfort levels with easy adjustment.



-360° zero-pressure neck protection relieves shoulder and neck fatigue.

-Specially designed slim, flattened back, raised lateral and chin supports prevent forward and sideways bobbing as you sleep.

-Provides superior support and comfort to your neck and head while sleeping, ensuring you get up refreshed with no neck aches and strains.

-Helps maintain proper posture for extended periods during travel.

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