BackJoy Posture Insoles High Arch: Sage/L.Grey

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BACKJOY Posture Insoles with Trigonal Support for Arch, Heel, and Metatarsal

Expertly crafted to improve posture and provide targeted support for the arch, heel, and metatarsal areas.

Prioritize comfort, reduce fatigue, and promote proper alignment for every walk of your life!


Developed by renowned Sports Scientist & Exercise Physiologist Dr Wil van Bakel PhD

Airflex Grooves- provides airflow and flexibility

Comfort Core Pads- gel honeycomb-designed cushions provide even pressure distribution on the forefoot and heel.

Arch Support- stabilizes the foot for optimal standing and walking

Fit in most shoes (only wear after removing existing insoles)

Suitable for low arch (flat feet)

Flat feet or low arches

Occur when the curve on the inside of the foot is reduced, making the entire sole touch the ground, which might cause discomfort or affect how one walks.


Posture Control System Design

Aligns your body from top to toe and effortlessly guides the foot through natural, balanced movement with every step.

Scientifically designed technology to stabilize & relieve your feet from pressure & tension.

Give you better support when walking and standing, making it less tiring.


An uneven foot can lead to postural imbalance, potentially resulting in

neck pain

lower back pain

knee discomfort


When Posture Insoles are used, they provide support and alignment for the legs and feet. This:

enhances weight distribution

helps bring the pelvis back to its balanced position

aligns the lower extremity properly

restores a stable foundation, ultimately relieving pain caused by improper body mechanics.


Ideal for daily use for enhanced support and comfort while:




Exercising/ Engaging in high-impact activities


BACKJOY has designed 3 types of arch support for different foot types:

Low arch- flat foot

Medium arch- normal foot

High arch- hollow foot

Select the ideal Posture Insole according to your foot type.

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