BackJoy SitSmart Core Traction (L)

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Promotes Good Posture BackJoy SitSmart Posture Core helps improve your posture by sitting right. Small and mobile, you can use it at home, in the office, in your car and almost anywhere.

1. Tilts the pelvis to correct posture.

2. Cups muscles to relieve pressure and pain.

3. Floats you in comfort above the seat like a shock absorber for your spine.

4. More comfortable and slightly larger than the SitSmart Posture Plus series Made from thicker foam cushioning.

Warning: Keep out of the heat and prolonged sun exposure

We are the authorized reseller of BackJoy in Malaysia.

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It is designed with thicker foam cushion, providing a pleasant yet corrective experience during prolonged seating. The combination of Core Traction’s innovative features allows user to bring good posture whenever they go. 

2X thicker foam cushioning – Thicker foam cushioning for all-day sitting comfort

Wider seating surface & deeper bow shape – Fits a variety of body types

Sculpted front Pummel – Helps you sit on the product correctly.

Built-in finger grip – Helps you adjust the seat easily beneath you.

Soft Anti-Slip Silicon Grip Layer – Enhances traction when you sit.

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