iMOOV Vibro Orthotic Insoles Vibrating Foot Massage Insoles

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  • Do you ever wonder why both of your 2 feet is not alike? Unbalanced pressure exerted on both feet can cause misalignment. Insole help to provide perfect arch support & balanced body.
  • Sweat wicking PCM layer: Now you can express movement freedom without hassle of heavy sweat
  • Insoles for Flat feet, Plantar fasciitis, Insoles for Everyone, All your shoes becomes functional when paired with good insoles
  • Eva layer Mid connector support performing movement such as running & jumping. It give quality support by preventing extra feet movement & let every muscles works together positively
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  • Stretchy & breathable fitting sole embodies footbed to fit in most type of footwear, should not require trimming. You’re set to go once fitted arch support insoles!
  • Non slip & comfort heel pad absorbs pressure exerted on feet, helps with inflammation of knees, hip & lower back caused by foot misalignment
  • More than a normal foot insole in market, Vibro IMOOV magnetic field technology giving you the spectacular foot massage experience & promote good blood circulation
  • The lasting quality of Ortholite pad is shockproof with its revolutionary antibacterial & deodorization effect, for a supreme comfort

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