Diabetic Insole

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  • Reduces foot pressure and maintains feet to be free of friction
  • Shear force stopped to prevent ulcers
  • Unique EVA absorbs shock and provide optimum cushioning
  • 3 Dimensional Biomechanics System arch support to maximize foot contact with the insole and distributes pressure evenly
  • Auto-fit heel cup for heel stability
  • Shock absorbing heel cushion that protects the heel bone
  • Do not wash
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Ideal for people with diabetes. Footdisc Diabetic Insole enhances mobility and performance. It is fitted to avoid foot ulcers or prevent it from happening by offloading foot pressure to reduce the possibility of Diabetic Foot Ulcers. It can save you hundreds of medical dollars and a lot of unnecessary physical suffering.

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  • Triple Layer Construction:

1st layer - Plastazote reduces foot pressure and maintains feet to be friction free.
2nd layer - Shear force stopper made by freeflex foam stops shear force to prevent ulcers.
3rd layer - Unique EVA absorbs shock and provides optimum cushioning.

  • Three Dimensional Biomechanics System (3DBS)

- three dimensional biomechanics arch support to maximize foot contact with insole and redistribute pressure evenly.

  • Auto Fit Heel Cup

- providing heel stability

  • Heel Cushion 

- Shock absorbing and protects heel bone


According to the clinical study, FOOTDISC Diabetes Insole is significant to reduce foot pressure. Consequently it will reduce new ulceration and the amputation rate in the diabetic population.




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