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Ergo Lite: 2501-F14 Travel Chair


  • 14" wheels
  • Suitable for travel
  • Attendant-propelled wheelchair
  • Lightweight and easy to carry (7.8kg)
  • Aircraft aluminium alloy frame
  • Foldable back (more compact)
  • S-ergo seat - S-shaped seat for comfortable sitting and anti-slip
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  • We strive to make the caregiver’s life easier. Weighing at a mere 7.8kg, this ultralight weight wheelchair minimizes the chance of back injury by reducing the sheer effort required to lift it.
  • With the S Ergo system, we vowed to spare the user by designing the seat with an S shape to alleviate pressure and spread weight over a greater area. Bringing you increased comfort, stability and less sliding experiences on the Ergo Lite wheelchair without having to purchase a foam cushion. We pledge to provide you the best mobility experience at a reasonable price.
  • The foldable backrest and frame allow for convenient storage and transportation. The Ergo Lite is fully compliant in accordance with the ISO 7176-19 which establish standard requirements for wheelchairs that are occupied by users traveling in motor vehicles. Sturdy and safe, we believe it is the lightest crashed tested wheelchair available on the market
  • While the arm rests provide great upper body control and support, it can cause difficulty approaching a table or desk. Ergo Lite's arm rests' height and length length is designed at an optimum to allow the user to sit comfortably close to a table for any desk related tasks.  
  • Ergo Lite is proud to utilize upholstery that is treated with Aegis microbe shield, which is warranted by the FDA, EPA, EU, etc. This hygienic fabric treatment gives the treated surface active antibacterial action, eliminates odor and is designed for easy cleaning.
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