OPPO Coolprene Knee Support 1125

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OppO Knee 1125

Product Features:

  • Dynamic compression, protection and non-slip
  • Adjustable wrap-around design for custom fit
  • Open patella design relieves pressure on the kneecap
  • Donut shape around the patella for added stability
  • Easily worn swollen or injured knees without pulling or tugging
  • CoolPrene material allows airflow for and comfort reduces perspiration when worn
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Regular Size: 31.8cm - 40.6cm (12 1/2 - 16")

How to Wear:

  • Position the opening over kneecap
  • Wrap and secure the shorter strap behind knee joint, between upper and lower straps
  • Wrap and secure the upper and lower straps to front of support

A wrap-around knee support with CoolPrene material that dissipates heat and reduces perspiration and heat discomfort.

  • CoolPrene dissipates heat during use to reduce or avoid undue perspiration and heat discomfort, especially during prolonged use.
  • When CoolPrene brace is in use, it stretches in a bidirectional manner, creating a pumping action to allow fresh cool air to flow through the channels, while a certain amount of heat and moisture is able to pass from the skin surface to the outside of the brace through the slits of the CoolPrene. The slits open when the brace stretches, creating an air flow path.


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