Rexicare Ice/Hot Bag (Mixed Pattern)

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Soft Fabric - Soft to the touch to enchance comfort and coverage area of injured area

No Leakage - Special sewing technique creates superior resistance to leakage

Cold/Hot Use - Choose ice or hot treatment


  • Add water to the bag 3/4 full.
  • Place the cap on top of the bag and turn it clockwise until you cannot turn anymore.


Cold Application

For best result, add ice cubes to increase the cold effect.

Apply ice bag flat on desired area to be treated.

Hot Application

For best result, pour 50°C to 60°C (recommend) hot water into bag. If necessary, add some cold water to keep the water temperature at a safe and comfortable level.

Apply hot bag flat on desired area to be treated.

**Do not pour 100°C boiling water to the bag 

**Pour some cold water first, before pouring hot water into the bag

6" - 600ml

9" - 1800ml

11" - 3000ml

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