Stress Relief Egg Ball Physio Egg Hand Exerciser (Soft Purple)

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1406000000230 - Soft Purple

Product Features:

  • Good for rehabilitation, strengthening and stress relief
  • Strengthens hand and grip
  • Increases dexterity
  • Reduces Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symtoms
  • Purple - Soft
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  • Resistive Exerciser for rehabilitation & strengthening of hands, fingers & wrists.
  • Strengthens the hand and grip, increases dexterity, and improves mobility of the wrist.
  • The silicon-based, latex-free squeeze balls provide a cushion textured feel for a pleasant grip when holding onto the it.
  • The stress relief/exercise ball is highly recommended for those who text and type extensively or are recovering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You can relieve sore muscles, flex your rigid hands or fingers while training muscle strength at the same time.
  • Best of all, a physio egg a day kicks your anger away! Your frustration and excessive energy gets transferred into the ball while you squeeze so you can rebound back with tranquility and regain healthy emotions!
  • Its egg-shaped, palm friendly design fits snugly in the entire surface area of your palm and provides you a solid grip around its shape.
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