OPPO Exercise Band (1.5 meter) Yoga Resistance Band

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OPPO Exercise Band (1.5 Meter)

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  • A complete progressive resistance exercise program with tension-progressive resistance bands.
  • Multi-function for strength training, stretching, muscle reeducation training, coordination training, endurance training and core exercise.
  • Simple to use and portable enough to take anywhere.
  • Provides both concentric and eccentric force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and coordination.
  • May be used to train a single muscle group or multiple muscle groups.
  • Color-coded, progressive resistance from yellow to silver.
  • Assists muscle performance.
  • Varying band thickness for increasing resistance levels.


  • Strength training for muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, muscle concentric and eccentric exercise
  • Muscle reeducation training
  • Endurance training
  • Stretching to improve range of motion
  • Core exercise training to improve trunk stability
  • Coordination training to improve cooperation of muscle groups
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