AND 3-Axis Pedometer 3D Sensor Simple Steps Counter

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  • Large display
  • Accurate step count by Digital Motion Sensor
  • Track steps, Distance & calculate calories burned accurately
  • 14 days total workout memory
  • Digital Time display
  • Simple Step Counting Function
  • Multiple wearing oprions: Clip or place in pocket
  • No charging required. Low power consumption, up to 12 months battery life
  • No bluetooth, download or smartphone connection
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Large display that allows you to screen through daily data for the number of steps

Equipped with the following functions:

Uses 3-axis accelerometer to detect motion, so even if you wear your accelerometer sensor in any direction whether it's upside down, sideways or backwards, it still accurately tracks the force you exerted moving from one point to another.

No matter you're an avid runner or want to stay physically active, you could always track your walking distance in KM & calories burned in Kcal. The more you walk, the more steps you get to count & the more calories can be burnt.

This compact pedometer is lightweight & programmable. It can simply calculate your steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned when you enter your weight and stride length, 

Thanks to the memory function that can store & display data of last 14 days, A&D pedometer is a great motivational tool that keeps physical activity on your mind rather than an afterthought.

Energy efficient with a power saving mode and long battery life up to 12 months usage(at 10000steps/day)

Get into the best shape of your life using low cost approach by walking & manage your fitness using this simple pedometer!

Why Choose A&D Brand?

-Headquartered in San Jose, California USA, A&D have more than 40 years of experience in making equipment for healthcare industry with leading role in bringing precision through innovative solutions to the world

-International headquarters in Japan, A&D have operations and distribution centers in Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Great Britain, Australia, Russia, India and North and South America. 

-Uphold the concept of genuine, A&D strictly follow their Japanese founders' principle of Honmono, which in Japanese word mean authenticity

-Strive to achieve high precision technologies and products that help connect the analog with the digital world.

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