3 Ramadhan Focus for a Better Hari Raya

3 Ramadhan Focus for a Better Hari Raya

“Ramadhan is here, time to lose weight for Raya!”

Ramadhan, however, is more than just about losing weight. Spiritually and physically, it brings with it many other benefits and challenges. With all the changes that this month brings, here are 3 things we can really focus on to ensure a better, healthier and prettier us come Raya!

1. Same amount of food...just healthier choices

Most of the time, we spend sahur and iftar eating at home with our families. This makes it easier to ensure what goes into the food is healthier. Substituting cooking oil and butter with coconut oil can be our first step.

Spoons Premium Hevco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for example, can be a great substitute without changing the flavor of the food. Unlike other cooking oils, it can withstand high cooking temperature which makes it perfect for baking, roasting and frying.

The major benefit of coconut oil is to promote a healthy heart. It maintains cholesterol levels, normalizes high blood pressure and reduces inflammation of arteries while keeping the bad cholesterol, LDL down. Coconut oil also boosts immunity and has antimicrobial properties that improve digestion which is a much needed help this fasting month. Furthermore, it also increases the body’s metabolic rate which aid weight loss naturally. Win!


2. Care for the skin & hair

When you already have a bottle of coconut oil at home, it also makes sense to use it for skin and hair care. It is an excellent moisturizer for all skin types and makes a great hair conditioner to promote hair growth and natural shine. More wins!

Lack of water intake this Ramadhan could really cause havoc to our skin. When our skin is dry, they become tight, flaky and can lead to breakouts. The very thing we do not want come Raya.

Furthermore, with everyone already lacking in sleep, it makes so much sense to look into time saving skin care like facial masks for that extra boost of hydration. Award winning facial masks such as Timeless Truth Masks for example, has a wide variety to suit every skin type and need. It also comes in convenient sheets that you can just wear to bed.


3. Monitoring…because what gets monitored, gets improved

Another common challenge during Ramadhan is also maintaining the blood pressure and blood sugar level among people with preexisting hypertension and diabetic condition. With blood pressure, our reading can also be different in the morning than it is at night. This is why it is even more important to invest in a device that can allow us to accurately monitor all these from the comfort of our home. Because let’s be honest, who has the time and energy to queue at clinics during this time right?

When we come to the final week of Ramadhan, it is then time to see if we have lost those weight! Some of the better weighing scale these days will even allow us to monitor body fat and body water content, calorie, BMI, bone and body muscle measurements. Most of these monitors and scales come with at least a year warranty when we buy originals from an authorized distributor.

So let’s keep our focus, have a blessed Ramadhan and an unconventional but special Hari Raya this year!