Daily Posture Checklist with BackJoy #WFH

Daily Posture Checklist with BackJoy #WFH

Working from home is a norm for many of us especially during this pandemic. Some of us may be experiencing more discomfort working from home as we may not have the same ergonomics at home that we did in the office. Here are a few simple BackJoy products that can help with that along with a daily posture checklist!

Treat Your Home Office Like Your Real Work Office

You don't need a lot of fancy tools to make positive and immediate ergo-friendly changes to your existing home workspace. Let good posture be your guide in setting up the best work from home space you can for now.

BackJoy SitSmart Posture Core makes literally any chair at home fit your posture instead of the other way around. It cradles, tilts, and floats your pelvis into better posture.


Make Your Home Workspace Posture Friendly

Add BackJoy SitSmart Collection to any stable seat at home to instantly improve your sitting posture.

- BackJoy SitSmart Posture CORE turns your regular chair into a comfortable seat that encourages good posture. Feel your pelvis gently tilting upright as your core muscles engage while you sit

- Keep the items you use most just an arm's reach away

- Set up a simple standing station for your laptop

- Work at a proper height

- Use a headset to walk around & talk when using your phone


Sit With Better Posture

The key to sitting with better posture is keeping your core active every time you sit.

- BackJoy SitSmart Core Traction helps your spine gently ease into a better posture for maximum comfort. Anti-slip grip zones keep your posture stable, engaging your core to relieve back pain and keep you sitting comfortably all day long

- Keep both feet on the ground as often as you can when seated

- Position your hips under your shoulders and your ankles under your knees

- Gently activate your core muscles

- Pull your shoulders back and down

- Tuck in your chin so your ears are aligned over your shoulders

- Keep your eyes focused ahead of you

- Take deep breaths often


Stand Confidently

Working from home is not easy! Stress from poor posture can cause pain in your neck and shoulders too.

- Give tired and achy muscles a much-needed massage at home with BackJoy Trigger Point Massager. A few minutes each day of direct pressure relieves trigger point tension in your shoulders, neck, back, feet, and legs. It's easy to use while sitting, standing up, and on the go around the home too

- Be true to your height and stand up tall

- Keep your eyes on the horizon view

- Tuck in your chin until your ears are positioned over your shoulders

- Pull your shoulders back and down

- Engage your core muscles

- Relax your back with your spine upright

- Distribute your weight evenly over both legs

- Keep both feet pointed forward


Take Regular Posture Breaks

To help keep good posture while working at home, take regular posture breaks throughout your day. Start simple by taking a posture break every 30 minutes for just 30 seconds!

- BackJoy Massage Balls roll away the tension and relieve your aching muscles. Simple to use, yet covers a wide range of massage for your neck, body, and back. The adjustable design fits your body's natural curves, increasing Oxygen-rich blood flow for an effective and relaxing massage experience

- Bring your arms out to the sides

- Press your chest forward

- Gently drop your head back

- Sit upright comfortably

- Take deep breaths often