Masks, Sanitizers and Ways to Avoid the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Masks, Sanitizers and Ways to Avoid the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Barely 2 months into the year 2020 and we've seen and heard news about the spread of Coronavirus everywhere in the media. Widespread panic is sweeping across the globe and there are many misinformation and fake news being spread around as well. So let's calm down, take a step back from this panic and dive straight into what we can do to keep safe from Coronavirus.

Wash Hands Frequently
The most important tip in keeping the Coronavirus away is to wash our hands frequently. We interact with the world with our hands, a lot. We touch doors, our phones, bags, tables, utensils, basically everything that is tangible. What we do not realize is that all those germs and bacteria that reside on those surfaces get onto our hands and we touch our faces with them (which we will get into in a moment). Unhygienic, also a hazard. The WHO has advised that we should wash our hands frequently with soap and water or at the very least, clean them with an alcohol-based rub, like an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (be sure that it has an alcohol content of at least 60%). The best practice is to always wash your hands before and after eating or toileting to keep ourselves safe. Click here to a video on how to wash our hands properly.

Avoid Touching MEN
Don't worry. We do not mean it in a sexist way. MEN stands for, Mouth, Eyes, and Nose. These orifices are all connected to each other hence bacteria, germs and viruses can be spread easily through these channels. This is why when we have a congested nose, our ears may also get muffled as well. So it is absolutely imperative that we keep our hands off of our faces. Which may be a huge feat as we touch our faces close to 2000 times a day or more. That translates to at least 2000 opportunities for us to get infected. If you must touch your face for whatever reason, please do it after you have properly washed your hands.

Wear Masks
It has been discovered that COVID-19 can spread through asymptomatic people. Meaning people who have the COVID-19 virus but are not showing any symptoms yet. Hence, to curb the spread and flatten the curve, it has been mandated by the goverment to adhere to the Movement Control Order (MCO) until further notice. Since the COVID-19 virus can stay alive in the air (and surfaces) for several hours, we must wear a mask, as instructed by the government, whenever we leave our houses to shop for essentials, even while driving. On top of just listening to the authorities, it is also our responsibility to keep ourselves and the nation safe. As for the type of masks to use, N95s are alright but they are extremely difficult to breathe in and sometimes the mask does not contour to the shape of your face, deeming it rather useless. The 3-ply masks, however, are great as you can mold it into the shape of your face to cover your nose and mouth perfectly.
Note: If you are experiencing a fever, please do not wait it out. Seek medical help immediately.