Benefits of Exercise Bands and Exercises You Can Follow

Benefits of Exercise Bands and Exercises You Can Follow

Whether it is staying in shape, physical therapy, improving flexibility or just for the sake of keeping your muscles and joints limber. Exercise bands/resistance bands are a great way to start exercising (if you are a complete novice) or enhance existing workouts that you have been doing. These are a few benefits as to why you should start incorporating exercise bands into your health routine now!

1. It’s Affordable

Exercising does not always have to mean buying expensive equipment and gear. Exercise bands are superbly affordable compared to purchasing other workout equipment such as dumbbells or an abs/sit-up machine. The only burn we want to feel is the burn in our muscles, not our wallets.

2. It Easily Accommodates to Various Fitness Levels

Resistance bands come in varying degrees of resistance according to its thickness - the thicker the band, the more resistance. Which means more strength is needed to stretch the band. If you’re beginning therapy or a beginner at exercising, perhaps start with a low resistance band first and work your way up to higher resistance bands. If you’re an active person who has already gained a little bit of strength, you may choose one with medium resistance. For the workout enthusiasts, who are looking for an added challenge into their workout routine, a high resistance band would be a great addition to your repertoire. Here’s a quick 10-minute workout video for beginners that you can check out!

3. It’s For Everyone

Following up on the previous point, the exercise band is great for everyone, of all ages. Even children and senior citizens. It is safe for children and the elderly to use provided that they were given proper training and follow the directions on how to use these bands. Here’s a video of exercises for the elderly to follow. Sometimes it is tough for the extremely overweight to go out and exercise as it is incredibly tough on their joints and not everyone has access to a pool (if they can get over their body insecurity first), click here to learn 20 exercises with resistance bands that we can do including the obese.

4. It’s a Full Body Workout

The versatility of the exercise bands means that you can incorporate it into almost all existing exercises. You can work your lower body, core, and upper body. Exercise bands are unique in a way that it is one of those tools that you can work out your entire body, without needing to switch to different workout equipment. You can do lunges, squats, sit-ups, etc with just one band alone. If you’re interested in checking out what a full-body workout with resistance bands looks like, click here.

5. You can Workout Anywhere

Not all of us like hitting the gym. Some of us might be shy, some of us might feel intimidated by all the equipment there. Whatever the reasons may be, the exercise band is the perfect workout tool for you. It’s light, compact and easy to carry anywhere with you! Just slip it into your bag or even your pocket and you’re good to go! Be it working out at home, at a hotel during your business trips or even stretching in the office for a little break, you can literally workout anywhere! No more excuses :)

6. It Strengthens Your Bones

Not only do exercise bands train your muscles, but they also help build your bones. That’s because exercises incorporating resistance bands are technically considered as weight-bearing exercises. A weight-bearing exercise is a type of exercise that adds stress, resistance, weight or pressure on your bones which in turn, helps your bones get stronger by becoming denser. This is excellent for those to maintain bone health or to combat degenerative diseases as we age.