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11.11 Promo

Benefits of Using Backjoy:

  1. Relieves back pain
  2. Improves your quality of life
  3. Build muscle momory for the right posture, prevent slouching & long term back pain
  4. Encourages good posture & showcase your confidence like no other today
  5. Posture Core and Core Traction are suitable for those with larger hips
  6. FREE BackJoy Mini Posture Plus

Backjoy Posture Core/ Core Traction: Suitable for adults weighing 50kg & above

Backjoy Posture Plus Mini: Linear Design, Suitable for adults/teenagers weighing 30kg to 55kg

Qty is represented in 'Set' (2 units/set) + ONE Free Gift (Posture Plus Mini Plain Color/ Pattern Design)
*Refer to sliding photos for item color selection
Ex: When input Qty=1: You will get 2 units of Backjoy Posture Core Series + Your Chosen Free Gift Design for Posture Plus Mini
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Improves Your Posture, Improve Quality of Life!

BackJoy SitSmart Posture Core / Core Traction / Posture Plus

Helps improve your posture by sitting right. Small and mobile, you can use it at home, in the office, in your car and almost anywhere.

1. Tilts the pelvis to correct posture.

2. Cups muscles to relieve pressure and pain.

3. Floats you in comfort above the seat like a shock absorber for your spine.

4. More comfortable and slightly larger than the SitSmart Posture Plus series

Made from Urethane Foam (closed-cell EVA that is heat resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean).

Warning: Keep out of the heat and prolonged sun exposure

**What's the difference of Backjoy Posture Core Series & Posture Plus Mini

1.Posture Core Series(Posture Core/Core Traction) : Suitable for adults weighing 50kg and above

2.Posture Plus Mini: Suitable for adults/teenagers weighing 30-55kg

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