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OppO Maxtaping 4M 8094

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  • MAXTAPING is used in many fields, such as rehabilitation, health care, sports, etc
  • It helps relieve pain, inflammation and supports weak tissues to help improve performance
  • MAXTAPING is made of 100% cotton without Latex or chemical additives
  • The thickness and weight of MAXTAPING ake it feel like a second skin for maximum comfort
  • MAXTAPING is water resistant and can be used during any activity
  • The unique design of MAXTAPING, when properly applied, results in skin lifting, increased circulation, improved metabolism and pain/edema relief
  • Versatile - it can be used on any part of the body in any pattern

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How to Wear:

Apply tape from muscle origin

Muscle imbalance
Reduce edema 
Material: 100% cotton with heat-active

Size: 50mm X 4m

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