1. Simple Tips to Better Sleep

    Simple Tips to Better Sleep

    Gone were the days when we would ask someone, “Did you eat well?” as part of a greeting. Now, we would ask, “How was your sleep?” instead. Part of the effects of Globalization is the urbanization of more and more parts of the world. Food is now more readily available compared to the days of the past. Living in a fast paced society has decreased a previously ample ‘commodity’ – sleep. Take a moment and try to recall the number of times a week that you’ve woken up feeling like a zombie. Dragging yourself out of bed and going to work, performing tasks absentmindedly. Fear not! Here are a few tips to getting better sleep that will help conquer your day!

  2. 5 Ways to Prevent Type 2-Diabetes

    5 Ways to Prevent Type 2-Diabetes

    Given the serious consequences emanating from insulin resistance and Type-2 diabetes, preventing this disease is certainly our best weapon in reducing the damage caused by a surplus of blood sugar. Luckily for us, the preventive potential is extraordinary: Adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent up to 90% of Type-2 diabetes cases! To see how we can reduce the risk of diabetes, let’s review some lifestyle factors:

  3. This Month Special

    This Month Special
  4. 7 Quick and Easy Tips for Creating an Active Office

    7 Quick and Easy Tips for Creating an Active Office

    The new, health-concious direction in office products, architecture, and design is creating what's known as the "active office". The idea is to encourage more movement and engagement during the work day with a focus on employee health and wellness. With obesity at unprecedented levels, and numerous studies showing that a sedentary lifestyle leads to myriadhealth problems, the shift toward the active office is more than a trend; it’s a permanent change in how we view our relationship to our work environment.

  5. CoolPrene


    CoolPrene™, an innovative and patented material based on the theories of kinetics developed by OPPO MEDICAL, is designed with the unique grooves and venting holes to work in a pumping action, helps to retain heat and wick away moisture to keep skin dry and comfort.

  6. OPPO AccuTex

    OPPO AccuTex

    OPPO AccuTex, with multi-compression levels using different knitting densities from gentle, moderate to high, provides appropriate sensory inputs to different tissues to achieve a higher standard of support. "Activate your motion with confidence'" is the commitment of OPPO AccuTex to help people regain their healthy lifestyle.

  7. Natural Ease Spray Testimonials

    Natural Ease Spray Testimonials
  8. 6 Foods and Drinks to Keep Blood Sugar Low and Prevent Diabetes

    6 Foods and Drinks to Keep Blood Sugar Low and Prevent Diabetes

    Getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes may feel like a death sentence to many - bland, tasteless food and drinks for the rest of your lives does not sound appealing to anyone. We are here to help! Here are 6 foods and drinks to keep your blood sugar low and prevent diabetes. Although the foods and drinks listed below are healthy alternatives, be sure to consume everything in moderation.

  9. BackJoy allows me to travel in comfort without backpain worries!

    BackJoy allows me to travel in comfort without backpain worries! Read more...
  10. Best Gift Ideas for your Elderly Relatives

    Best Gift Ideas for your Elderly Relatives

    Often times, regretfully, we do not spend enough time with the elderly in our homes, or visit those who are in nursing homes due to our demanding schedules. However, there are other ways to show the elderlies in our life the appreciation and love that we have for them. Here are just a few gift ideas that would allow you to convey those feelings and enhance their lives.


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